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Bergamo - a gem in northern Italy

Bergamo is in the northern Italy, not far from Milan, the wine region Veneto and Lake Garda. You do not need to visit any of these places, because Bergamo has more than plenty to offer you.

We`ve been here in Bergamo a few times, partly because we are madly in love with Italy and partly because it`s easy for us to get here from where we live, it`s only a two hour flight from Rygge.
When you land in Bergamo it will just be a 15 minutes drive to the city center.

Hotel Exclesior San Marco
Everytime we visit Bergamo we stay in this hotel because of the great location. Just a few minutes walk from the Funicolare (cabel tube) which takes you up to the old town. And it`s a 5-7 minutes walk to the modern part of the city that offers you plenty of shopping opportunities.

This is a big and modern hotel. The breakfast is good an offers you a large variety of toppings and also hot meals.
The rooms is not so big, but that is just ok, because then you will not spend so much time in there. The beds are great to sleep in and that is what`s important to me. The bathrooms are nice and clean.
I will definitely recommend you to stay here.

Check the price her.

Citta Alta
Bergamo is built on several floors and the old town Citta Alta is placed in the midle. This is where we love it the most, and this is where you get the feeling of getting centuries back in time.
To get here you can either take a long and hard walk up the hills or you can take the Funicorale, and at the same time enjoy a magnificent view.

Up in the old town the streets are narrow and charming. On both sides there are small delis, pastry shops filled with polenta pastry and wine bars side by side. There is lots of small piazzas where you can sit and enjoy a glass of red wine or an ice-cold beer.

There are many restaurants to choose from. I could write about several, but I think the best thing to do is just walk around and sit down wherever you like.
Yet there is one restaurant i will tell you about which I strongly recommend you to visit, either for lunch, dinner or just something to drink

Ristorante Baretto di San Vigilio
The restaurant is located at the top floor of Bergamo. To get here you need to take another Funicolare (you have to go all the way across the old town before coming to the second Funicolare which takes you all the way to the very top), or you can walk the long, hard way up the hill like we did once. Although it is a hard walk, it`s worth it because of the amazing view of something that makes me think of the hanging garden of Babylon. And to know that at the end of the hills it`s a fantastic restaurant waiting for you, will truly help you all the way to the top.

It is actually two wonderful restaurants here. One serving perhaps the world`s best pizza with the best view, but it is nonetheless Ristorante Baretto di San Vigilio I will recommend. I`v never ever gotten a better service anywhere else.
The owner is a great connoisseur and very proud of his selection. He opened several bottles of wine and drank with us while he told us a lot about different wine. We did not pay a penny or should I say euro extra for it.

We spent the whole afternoon here. First we sat outside tasting wine, and after such a treatment we decided to stay for lunch. We did not regret that, the food was so incredibly good that I forgot to take pictures after the appetizer. So again I strongly recommend you to visit this restaurant if you are going to Bergamo.

The other restaurant I mentioned is Ristorante Pizzeria San Vigilio which is also worth a visit.

While you are at the top of Bergamo you can also visit the Castello di San Vigilio and the little church located her.

Shopping in Bergamo
It`s about a 5-7 minutes walk from the hotel to the modern part of the city - Citta Batta where you can shop almost everything.
Because of the near location to the fashion Mekka Milan, Bergamo also is filled up with the latest fashion in clothing, shoes and accessories, but it is cheaper than in Milan.
The city also have several shopping centers, the largest you will find near the airport - Orio center.

And finally
If you like to exercise Bergamo is a perfect place because of the steep hills. Bergamo is also known for its challenging bike trails.

Bergamo can offer you everything; good wine and food, cultures, shopping and exercise. Do not hesitate to visit this beautiful city in northern Italy.

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